Commercial Waterproofing and Foundation Services, Kentucky and Southern Indiana

Champion Provides Waterproofing and Foundation-Repair Services to Operations-Critical Businesses in Kentucky and Southern Indiana

Providing waterproofing and foundation repair for businesses across Kentucky and Southern Indiana can be much more complex than those of homes, and businesses have so much more at risk if these solutions don’t work. Employees can lose work time, critical amounts of revenue can be lost, and our communities can lose the valuable services these businesses provide to us.

Take a look at this list of some of Champion’s commercial waterproofing and foundation-repair clients, and think … how critical are water-damage and humidity-control issues to these businesses?

  • UL Pediatric Ambulatory Center
  • Crowne Pointe Theatre
  • Paul Sawyer Public Library
  • The Frazier History Museum
  • Louisville’s VA Medical Center

Leaks, cracks and foundation problems at this scale can cause water and humidity damage fast. Champion’s experts are happy to work quickly with the property managers, structural engineers and owners of Kentucky and Southern Indiana businesses to provide comprehensive solutions and stand behind the results.

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