Guaranteed Basement Waterproofing, Louisville, Lexington and Southern IN

Basement Waterproofing with a Lifetime of Structure Warranty, Serving Kentucky and Southern Indiana from Louisville and Lexington offices

Basement Waterproofing is about fixing a leaky basement. If the water is coming up through the floor, through the walls, through windows, or from above the foundation, Champion can find the problem and fix it, so the water problem is gone. Sometimes the water leaks are so bad, the homeowner just wants it fixed, but sometimes homeowners can live with small basement leaks until they want to finish the basement and turn it into nice living space. Then they need to solve those water problems.

No matter what the leaky basement problem is, keep these two facts in mind:

  • Basement water leaks don’t go away until they are fixed.
  • Champion offers a 100% Warranty, good for the life of the structure, and transferrable from owner to owner.

Basement Waterproofing and Sealing Solutions for Wet, Leaky, Damp Basements

The first step in basement waterproofing is finding the source of the leak. This can be accomplished with a FREE Champion consult and quote, so there is no reason to at least learn the nature of your water problem, find out what the solution would be, and find out what it will cost.

If the basement is unfinished, it’s easier to follow the water trail to the likely source of the problem, but our expert estimators can find the source of leaking in finished basements as well.

The illustration on this page shows the most common sources of basement leaks. The wall on the left is masonry block, brick or stone; The wall on the right is poured concrete. Click the sources to learn about them and the corresponding waterproofing solutions.