Sump Pumps

Champion is Your Expert for Using Sump Pumps as Waterproofing Solutions, and Also for Solving Problems with Sump Pumps, in Kentucky and Southern Indiana

Sump Pumps are common solutions for wet basements, used with Drain Tile Systems to collect water and pump it up-and-out, away from the foundation and house.  But old sump pumps can also be a cause of water in the basement when they eventually fail, or if the power goes out.

Primary Sump Pumps

Primary Sump Pumps are powered from the home’s electrical system, meaning they won’t operate when the power is out. Most primary sump pumps have a life span of 5 to 10 years. So, primary sump pumps can be very reliable up to 10 years, when the power isn’t out. Otherwise, when they finally fail, or if basement water becomes a problem for you when the power is out for a long time, the pump needs to be replaced by another primary pump, or by a battery-powered pump.

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Champion offers a full line of Battery Operated Sump Pumps customized for your unique needs. All pumps are designed to operate using a maintenance-free, deep-cycle marine battery capable of pumping for several hours until the power is restored.