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Top of Foundation

When a building is first constructed, the top of the foundation should extend at least a few inches above the ground level. Over time, as homeowners raise the surrounding landscape and add hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt, water may begin to seep through the brickwork and over the top of the foundation wall. The problem can also occur if your building is situated in a low-lying area or if a neighboring property is sloped toward you, as both situations would allow water to accumulate alongside your building.

Our Estimator will most likely recommend correcting the problem from the exterior. The process entails digging a trench below the top of the foundation wall(s) and applying a waterproof membrane over the joint where the structure sits atop the foundation

Exterior Waterproofing

Sometimes it is impractical or undesirable to waterproof a basement from the interior. Common examples include seepage over the top of the foundation or instances where the basement is highly finished. Exterior waterproofing involves addressing the problem from the “positive side” by excavating and applying a membrane to the foundation wall. Depending on the situation, it also may involve adding a perforated drain pipe surrounded with washed stone at the base of the trench to get rid of the excess water.

Potential obstructions such as additions, garages and decks need to be taken into consideration. We can remove items such as concrete, asphalt and pavers. In most instances, digging is done by hand to minimize disruption to landscape.