Here what our customers have to say about us…

When it comes to any type of home improvement professionalism and knowledge can go a long way. Champion Waterproofing has the trained professionals that you would want in your home. A lot of the time it is not possible for you to be home while Champion is in your home working on your biggest investment. Employees and Champion Waterproofing will make you feel extremely comfortable knowing that your home is safe! Here are a couple examples:

Waterproofing basement. Digging/jackhammer trench around outside walls. Lay drainage pipe. Install sump pump. Cover all basement contents. Pour concrete and replace all moved items. Luke (owner) and Bryan (foreman) were very informative, on time, honest and detailed in performing the job. The price was more than fair!



Trenenad cut and installed French pipe and sump pump for proper crawl space damage. Perfect. Everyone was prompt. Courteous and cleaned up. Owner came by at end and checked everything.

Leslie and Dan


Repair of 2 leaks in the basement due to 2 cracks in the foundation. They were on time, professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. Clean up was decent but not perfect. Overall we were highly satisfied.



Champion did a partial waterproofing of my basement. The job went very well. They showed up when they were supposed to and were very professional. Since I had the waterproofing done we have had a few big storms and so far, no water in the basement! The work does come with a lifetime guarantee, which is also reassuring.


Peewee Valley

Waterproofing completed in a corner of our basement that was leaking. Champion Waterproofing came in a timely manner on the day scheduled and completed waterproofing in a corner of our basement.


PeeWee Valley

Waterproofed crawl space, repair crack in wall with poly wall paneling, replace gravel in window well, extend outer drain. They arrived promptly, they were professional and worked continuously work area was clean when they left.



Sealed five cracks in the basement and crawl space. Installed vapor barrier, trenched inside perimeter of basement and installed drainage, installed sump pump in crawl space, re-routed drainage outside house, deodorized, took up carpet, removed damaged paneling. Our basement was leaking horribly. Mold was growing and we weren’t able to stay in the basement for any amount of time. I was expecting that we would have to remove all paneling and do extensive renovation to the basement. The owner came out and gave us two extensive estimates—one for fixing the cracks and another for making sure the basement was completely waterproofed. We chose the second option. The price for the work they did was extremely reasonable. The workers arrived when they said they would, moved all furniture and everything else that needed to be moved (took great care of it), and took care to cover all furniture and seal off the basement from the rest of the house to prevent dust and debris from migrating. They were courteous, hard working, and did no damage to our property in any way. When they were finished, they cleaned up completely. We will move the things back that were stacked, but that’s okay as we have to replace carpet and the paneling anyway. Plus, it’s a good way to clean out things we don’t need. I would highly recommend this company to anyone!



Water proofed basement and by digging trench around outside walls and installed a sump pump. Crew closed off basement area and except for noise it was like they went even there. Finished on time/early and did a great job cleaning up. Overall, job very professional looking.



First off, I really like it when the owner of a company comes to check out the problem and suggest a solution. Luke was prompt, courteous, and professional. He thoroughly reviewed the problem and suggested a very reasonable solution. Unfortunately, my front porch was not built correctly. The person who performed the work was once again right on time and the work was completed as promised. Time will only tell if this work will be the remedy, but tearing out the entire front porch and reinstalling is not an option. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in need. I could not be more pleased.