Wall Anchor Solutions

Foundation walls are designed to provide a solid base for the structures above them. When you see foundation walls begins to crack or bow, they are no longer providing the support needed for the structure. Some factors can cause soil pressure against the walls causing them to crack, bow or even collapse. Keep your family and home safe by contacting the professionals at Matthews Wall Anchor at the first sign of cracked or bowed walls. We have the solutions for you. We are your foundation repair experts in Kentucky and Indiana. One easy solution is our wall anchors. They are an economical and easy solution to your foundation repair needs.

What is a Wall Anchor?

Wall anchor systems permanently stabilizes your basement walls, offering the best opportunity to straighten the walls without the cost and disruption of foundation replacement. Heavy duty, galvanized earth anchors are embedded in stable, undisturbed soil outside your foundation wall. Each anchor is connected by a steel rod to a wall plate that provides clamping pressure against the inside of the foundation wall. This method also offers the potential straighten the wall back to its original position.

What Are the Different Uses and Applications for Wall Anchors?

Wall anchors are designed to stabilize cracked or bowed walls so that your structure will be safe. These anchors secure basement and retaining walls that are damaged due to excessive outside soil pressure. This pressure is the result of water buildup in the soils surrounding your home.

Wall Anchor Benefits:

  • Year-Round Installation
  • Most Jobs Completed in One Day
  • Potential to Straighten Bowed Walls
  • Minimal Disturbance to Home, Lawn, & Landscaping
  • Will Not Damage Interior Flooring
  • Does not Infringe on Usable Basement Space

How are Wall Anchors Installed?

Wall anchors consists of an inside wall plate, and outside anchor and a rod that ties them together. Foundation wall anchors extend out to stable, hard-packed soil beyond your home, anchoring themselves and bracing the foundation wall. This anchoring stops inward movement — and over time, tightening these anchors can even move your foundation walls back to their original position.

When homeowners in the past were faced with cracked or bowed walls, the solution was to rebuild/replace the foundation. Rebuilding was time-consuming and costly. Matthews Wall Anchor will save you the cost, stress and mess of replacing a foundation wall by installing our wall anchors to stabilize the cracked or bowing wall. By doing so, you restore your property value.

At the first sign of a foundation problem, have a professional from Champion take a look and give you the best solution to your foundation repair needs. The longer you put off getting a foundation fixed, the more damage that will occur. This will become more costly in the long run. Keep the structure of your home safe and secure. Champion provides the best solution for basement wall repair available in Kentucky and Indiana